Terms and conditions of travel


See also: Conditions of Carriage


The liability of Oy Air Finland Ltd with respect to flights is based on general contractual principles. We adhere to the liability limits defined in the laws, rules and regulations relating to carriage by air. The general principle is that general terms and conditions of package travel are not applied to flight travel only.


When a flight is booked through Air Finland´s web shop the client pays all the fares and charges in full in a bank’s internet service in connection with the booking. Thus, a binding contract with respect to the flight journey arises in relation to the client. The flight can also be booked through a travel agency.

Route flights can be bought on Air Finland’s web shop around the clock as long as there are enough seats available. Web shop will be closed three hours before departure and after that left seats will be sold at airport’s ticket sales office. 

Premium-class can be booked not later than 72 hours before departure in order to confirm the Premium-meal. Premium-meal can not be guaranteed for passenger who has booked a flight after 72 hours before departure.


The flight fares apply only for carriage to the airport of destination and back to the airport of departure. The fares do not include accommodation, transportation to the airport or services of a guide.

The fare in force at the time of booking is binding upon the client. Air Finland has a right to reduce the fare by giving out various special offers. The special offers are in force from the time the public is notified of them. The special offers do not apply to the flights booked before the notification. One discount is granted per flight on special offer.

A child under 2 years travels sitting on the lap of his parent. Fare for infant (0-23 months) is 20 euros/flight. There has to be at least one adult per every child under 2 years. The baggage of the child is included in the adult’s baggage allowance. Air Finland carries baby prams and baby sitter seats free of charge in the hold of the aircraft. The items have to be packed into bags issued at check-in.


Classic tickets has no right for cancellations, tickets are non-refundable.

Premium tickets are fully refundable if cancellation is made up to 72 hours before departure. Cancellation is not allowed if any flight sector in the booking has been flown or any unused flights have already departed.

In case the flight ticket is changed from Classic to Premium, Premium conditions are applied, except for cancellation free of charge.

Air Finland requests the client to take into account that the fare in full will be charged from the passenger even when the cancellation is made due to an acute illness. Air Finland therefore recommends that travel insurance be taken well in advance the journey commences.


In case you are not able to fly due to acute illness, you will receive a full refund of the flight fare if you have bought a Cancellation Guarantee. You need to buy the Cancellation Guarantee at the same time when you make your booking. That will cost 7 euros per flight and per passenger.

When you choose to buy the Cancellation Guarantee, 7 euro per flight and passenger will be
included in your total amount in your credit card payment. You will also find the Cancellation
Guarantee fee on your flight confirmation.

If you need to cancel your flight due to acute illness, you need to do that before the departure time mentioned in your flight confirmation. You can make the cancellation by calling Air Finland customer service tel. +358 9 251 20 333, open Monday to Friday 9-17. At times when customer service is closed, you need to do the cancellation by email: [email protected].

In case of one passenger has become ill, it is possible to cancel the whole booking of several passengers if needed.

After the cancellation of your booking you need to send us the statement from your doctor that
you were not able to travel due to acute illness on your departure day. Please also send us your booking number. After receiving this document we will refund the full amount of your flight fare to your credit card account. Air Finland address is: Rahtikuja 1, 01530 Vantaa, Finland.


Changes in Classic tickets:

Reservations may be changed up to 72 hours prior to departure subject to payment of a change fee 40 euros per flight change per person. In addition any increase between the fare paid and the lowest fare available at the time of change is made will be charged. If the fare of the new flight booked is lower than the original fare booked, the difference is not refunded. Name changes may be made for a name change fee of 50 euros per name change, up to 72 hours prior to outbound flight. Name changes are not possible if any flight sector in the booking has been flown or any unused flights have already departed.

Changes in Premium tickets:

Reservations may be changed up to 72 hours before departure. Only increase between the fare paid and the lowest available fare at the time the change is made will be charged. If the fare of the new flight booked is lower than the original fare booked, the difference is not refunded. Name changes are allowed up to 72 hours prior to outbound flight. Name changes are not possible if any flight sector in the booking has been flown or any unused flights have already departed.


The passenger is responsible for confirming the information given by Air Finland in connection with the booking as well as in connection with the confirmation of order the passenger receives by email. The passenger has the responsibility to pay attention to all possible changes that Air Finland sends by post or email to the address given by the passenger.

The passenger is required to be able to prove her/his identity with a travel document on the different stages of the journey. The passenger is responsible for checking that travel document is proper. When travelling outside the Nordic countries, the required travel document is a valid passport or new European identity card. A picture identity card, complying with the EU standards, which indicates the individual's nationality and card validity, is valid only in EU regions. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland provides more information about the travel documents. 

The passenger who has purchased the flight is responsible for confirming the schedule of the flight 24 hours prior to the departure from the airport of departure or from the internet pages of Air Finlandor Air Finland’s phone number.

A passenger has to report to the check-in at the latest 2 hours prior to the departure time of the flight. The check-in will be closed 30 minutes prior to departure. In case of acute illness the passenger must phone Air Finland’s customer service number immediately.

If the flight is delayed for reasons beyond Air Finland`s control, (for example laws and other regulations by authorities, weather conditions, situations in the flight control, technical matters, strikes and other such matters), check-in time is however according to original time table. Passengers cannot report to check-in according to the delayed time table due to limited check-in capacity. Passengers will be informed separately if you can report to check-in according to the delayed timetable.


The reservation reference is in force only on the date, which is written on the flight document. A flight document means a document printed on paper in a travel agency or the information and confirmation of booking given by Air Finland, which contains the name, flight information and reservation reference of the passenger. Against the flight document a passenger receives a boarding card. It is forbidden to transfer the flight document to another person.

In Classic class meals are chargeable. Meal requests must be notified in connection with the web purchase. Hot meal is 10 euros/flight segment and special meals are 12 euros/flight segment. Drink is not included in meal. Meal requests must be notified in connection with the web purchase. Meal has to be ordered at least 72 hours prior to the departure. Meals ordered after 72 hours prior to departure cannot be confirmed.  

Due to passenger’s safety and comfort onboard, the weight and size of hand luggage have been restricted. Carriage of oversized hand luggage into a cabin will pose a safety risk onboard. Due to safety reasons oversized hand luggage can be removed to aircraft hold by airport personnel or cabin personnel. In this case passenger is liable for any costs caused by a damage of hand luggage.

Passenger may carry one piece of luggage into the aircraft free of charge. The maximum weight of hand luggage is 5 kg and the maximum dimensions are 55cmx40cmx20cm. If weight or size of hand luggage does not fit to these restrictions, the luggage must be carried as checked baggage. Hand luggage must primarily be placed under the seat in front of the passenger. Light weighted items, for example outerwear, can be placed in the overhead lockers. Cabin personnel has right to remove passenger’s hand luggage for the sake of common safety and comfort.

In Classic class checked luggage is chargeable. We recommend paying the luggage in connection with the web purchase. One piece of checked luggage is 15 euros/flight segment. The maximum allowance for one piece of checked luggage is 20 kilograms. Excess baggage will be charged separately.

If you have not booked luggage in advance, the charge for the luggage at check-in is 30 euro for the first bag (20kg) and excess baggage according to 10euro/kg.

Checked luggage in Premium class is free of charge. The free baggage allowance for checked baggage is 30 kilograms in Premium class. Excess baggage will be charged separately.   

Special Luggage, such as Golf Bag, is always charged separately.

The charge for excess baggage is 10 euros/kilogram on European flights and 14 euros/kilogram on long haul flights. Air Finland does not guarantee that the excess baggage will be carried to the destination on the same flight as the other baggage. The maximum weight of a single bag is 32 kg.

Damaged luggage

If the baggage has been damaged during the air carriage a passenger has to make a notification of this at the airport to the officials at the baggage claim in the arrivals lounge. Notification of the damage will be delivered to Air Finlandthat refunds the damage. According to Air Finland’s general conditions of carriage Air Finland’s liability for damage with respect to lost or destroyed checked baggage is limited to 17 SDR per kilogram. We recommend that valuable baggage is carried as unchecked baggage or travel insurance is taken. Maximum refund for a damaged suitcase is 150 Euros less the age of the suitcase, 10% a year. Compensation will be settled in return of receipt of the new suitcase and the application of the compensation must be sent to Air Finlandwithin three months of the damage. This compensation practice concerns also damaged baby strollers except the maximum compensation limit.

If a suitcase that has been checked-in as checked baggage is lost, the customer has to make a notification of this at the airport to the officials at the baggage claim at the arrivals lounge. Attempts to locate the suitcase will be made for 25 days. A passenger will be paid a compensation of 25 euros after the first 24 hours if the suitcase has been lost on an outbound flight and after 48 hours a compensation of 25 euros. The maximum amount of the compensation is 50 euros. No compensation will be paid for a suitcase lost during the inbound flight.

The passenger must not include in checked baggage fragile items, perishable foodstuffs, money, jewellery, electronic devices, precious metals, negotiable papers, securities, business documents or other items with considerable commercial or other value. 

Special luggage

The carriage of special items, except golf bags, has to be arranged with Air Finlandby calling the customer service number +358 - 9 - 251 20 333. The charge for the following items is: 

Normal flights:

- Golf bag 30 euros/one way
- Bicycle 30 euros/one way
- Diving equipment 40 euros/one way
- Skies, snowboard 30 euros/one way
- Parachute 30 euros/one way
- Surfboard 30 euros/one way
- Windsurfer 60 euros/one way
- Surf glider 30 euros/ one way
- Hang glider, tandem parachute 60 euros/one way

Long haul flights:

- Golf bag 70 euros/ Round Trip
- Bicycle, diving equipment 95 euros/ Round Trip
- Surf glider 95 euros/ Round Trip
- Surf board, windsurfer, hang glider, tandem parachute 140 euros/Round Trip

Maximum weight for golf bag is 15 kg, bicycle 20kg, skies/snowboard 10 kg, windsurfer or diving equipment 30kg and surf glider 10kg. All weight exceeding this will be charged as excess baggage.

Instructions for the carriage of diving equipment are the following. Valves must be disconnected from the tanks and carried as hand luggage. The tanks must be closed with plugs/caps during the carriage. The plugs/caps can be bought in shops selling diving equipment. Lighting systems can be carried as hand luggage if the weight does not exceed the weight limit (5 kilograms). Heavier lighting systems will be carried as checked baggage and will be charged as excess baggage. The battery has to be always disconnected. Diving equipment without compressed air bottles is carried free of charge, if it is part of the permitted baggage allowance. If the total weight allowance is exceeded, the excess fee for regular baggage is charged. Diving equipment is considered as special baggage if compressed air bottles are included. In that case the fee for special transport is charged.

Carriage of animals

Air Finland carries animals only on route flights to and from Malaga and Alicante. Air Finland can accept only two animals (dog, cat) in cabin or hold per flight. It is recommended that animal places are inquired from Air Finland’s customer service before booking a flight. Air Finland will carry animals only on route flights to and from Malaga and Alicante.

Animals weighting under 6 kilograms can be carried in the cabin. The charge is 80 euros per flight. The maximum allowed dimensions of the container are 45cm (depth) x 27cm (height) x 35cm (breadth). Due to safety reasons pets are not accepted to Premium class.

Air Finland reserves a right to change terms of animal transport anytime.

For carriage of animal in the cabin, a soft bag is recommended, as it is easier to fit under the seat. The bag must have a solid bottom and be suitable for animal transport. The airline has the right to refuse transportation if the transportation box or bag is too large for transport in the cabin or if the animal is too large for the cage. The animal must remain fully in the box or bag for the duration of the flight. Only one transportation box or bag per passenger is allowed.

Animals weighting over 6 kilograms will be carried in the hold. The charge is 10 euros per kilogram the animal and the container combined. Further information can be obtained from the customer service at +358 (0)9 251 20 333.


Oy Air Finland Ltd is not liable for damage due to, for example:

-  the passenger’s failure to report to the flight, at the latest, an hour before the departure.

- flight schedule change, departure or arrival time change or delayed flight for reasons beyond Air Finland’s control. These include for example extreme weather conditions, strikes, laws and regulations by authorities or technical difficulties. In this case the passenger is responsible for the damage caused, such as, extra costs resulting from travel or hotel stay.

- passenger not allowing enough time for changing from a flight to another, the minimum time when changing from a domestic flight to an Air Finland flight is 90 minutes.

- the passenger’s failure to possess the appropriate travel document such as a passport or visa.

- damage caused by passenger’s failure to comply with general instructions, rules and regulations given by authorities and Air Finland.


Air Finland reserves the right to modify the information in the web service and is not liable for the possible misprints.

Air Finland reserves the right to change schedules, fares, charges and other such information as well as the right to make changes to the schedule of the flight purchased by a client, as far as this does not change the character of the journey essentially.

Air Finland reserves the right to use other airlines to operate Air Finland routes if needed. In this case Air Finland is responsible to inform passengers about these changes as soon as possible.

Air Finland may have to change the agreed route, places or numbers of landing. As these changes are always carried out for the reasons of flight safety, Air Finland shall not reimburse the costs resulting from delays or, for example, missed connections. Air Finland advises the passenger to plan a flexible schedule for connections and recommends passengers to take travel insurance covering missed connections.

In addition to these terms and conditions of travel, general conditions of carriage for passengers and baggage also apply. These can be obtained from Air Finland or check-in upon request.

Air Finland’s customer service number +358 – 9 – 251 20 333 is open during office hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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