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Oy Air Finland Ltd in English

Oy Air Finland Ltd

Oy Air Finland Ltd is a Finnish airline company that was founded in January 2002. The company is owned by 5 professionals of aviation, finance and travel marketing. Air Finland started flight operations on April 3rd 2003, and during our first year of operation we carried 89 000 passengers from Helsinki to Nice, Barcelona, Málaga, Faro, Funchal, Tenerife and Las Palmas, for example. In 2004 the number of passengers was 311 000.

Business idea

Air Finland is a leisure flight company. Our customers are the Finnish leisure travelers, who buy our flights directly from our web service or from authorized travel agents. Our flights are also used in the holiday package production of the main Finnish tour operators, enabling them to offer their customers high quality flights and service in their customers own language.

Air Finland operates cost effectively and flies only to the most popular holiday destinations among our Finnish customers. We are therefore able to offer very price competitive flights without having to compromise the quality of service and travel comfort.

Customer service 24 h

We serve our customers on-line on our web service around the clock everyday. On the web service you can buy flights and have an easy access to up-to date information of our flights. Here you can also find additional information and travel instructions as well as links to other services you may need on your trip.

We do not maintain a telephone service or ticket office, because you can have personal service in hundreds of authorized travel agencies. Click here for a list of authorized travel agents.

Taxfree for our swedish and danish customers
You can make preorders for taxfree. To get more information, click here 

Flight pricing

To make buying our flights clear and simple we use the lowest price of a return flight to a destination in our advertising. All prices include taxes and additional charges. The prices vary only according to the dates of flight you choose and to the length of stay. In order to get a reasonable price you do not need to fullfill any complicated conditions or special terms. You simply need to choose the travel dates and buy your flight before it is sold out. You can of course buy also one-way flights.

Fleet and personnel

We operate a modern Boeing 757-200 aircraft, seating 219 passengers. The Boeing 757 is especially suitable for medium to long-haul flights from Finland to southern destinations.

All our pilots and crewmembers are Finnish professionals of aviation and customer service whose mission is to make you able to enjoy your holiday already onboard the plane.

Your opinion matters to us

We are constantly developing our services according to our customers needs. Please give us valuable feedback and tell us your opinion and wishes. You can send us an electronic feedback card from here.

Contact information

Oy Air Finland Ltd
Lentäjäntie 7
FIN 01530 VANTAA, Finland
Tel. +358 (0)9 251 200
Fax. +358 (0)9 251 20 200

E-mail: [email protected]
Ad hoc sales: [email protected]

Customer service: Tel. +358 (0)9 251 20 333
(open weekdays 9a.m -5 p.m)

Domicile: Helsinki, Finland
Business ID: 1767023-8


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